• Darcy Edl

Twisted, Rolled, Fringed, and Scrolled

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Cactus Collaborative is proud to announce the newest member to our artsy team. Deborah Jay (DJay) is a native midwesterner, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, currently living in Maricopa, Arizona. DJay is a wife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist, and artist. She loves to knit, crochet, tat, macrame and recently started to zentangle, but where she shines creatively is in the art of Paper Quilling.

Djay started quilling in 1992 when she read an article in Workbasket magazine. In recent years Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy, have all been a part of many things' resurgence, and Paper Quilling is one of them. Djay shares her knowledge of this art form through her work and has enjoyed teaching it to others.

Paper Quilling is the art of taking strips of paper and manipulating them into twisted, rolled, fringed, and scrolled objects, then arranging them all together to create a design. Quilling can be dated back to the 15th century when nuns in France used the filigree to mimic ivory and wrought -iron to save the church money. Their designs were gilded after completion, which made it difficult to notice the difference.

In recent pieces, Djay has incorporated her many talents into her quilling designs. In "Native American Headdress," she used paper sculpture, quilling, and macrame, to design and create this gorgeous piece.

She collaborates her love of nature and whimsical sides in creations like this Wolf (above). Or by showing the true beauty in what she sees around her, like this Gamble's Quail (below).

Whether it's with her art or her heart, Djay gives her all. We are grateful that she is joining the Cactus Collaborative Team to inspire and share her work with all of us! Please visit the new Paper Quilling section of our webpage to see more of her work!

Welcome to the team, Djay!!