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Stamp & Die Organization

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of being organized. I love to organize and have a tidy craft room. Everything in my room has a specific spot. I believe that having a place for all of my craft supplies is half the fun within the hobby! While stuck in the house after the last Iowa snowstorm of 2020 (does 9 inches sound like enough to my warm climate friends?) I decided I would commit to the task of putting all of my stamps and dies into storage pockets. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a while after seeing the excellent craft room organization of the inspiring Jennifer McGuire. Seriously, if you are a crafter and haven't checked out her craft organization videos, they are a must! Make sure to read all the way to the end of the article to learn about my favorite hack! So, Dive in with me as I show you how I did my COST-EFFECTIVE stamps and die organization.

I started by ordering the Avery Elle Stamp and Die Storage Pocket Bundle off Amazon. They are a great price point and come in three different sizes, the perfect fit for small, medium, and large stamp sets. Fifty pockets come for each size, so you are getting 150 pockets for $27, which comes to .18 cents each. I am so pleased with the quality of these storage sleeves. They are a nice durable plastic pouch, but not so flimsey that they won't hold up. They have a fold in tab at the top so you can tuck it in to keep the stamps and dies from sliding out. The reviews on these are great, and I highly recommend going with these compared to the more expensive options.

You can click Here to find them on Amazon.


Next, I cut all of my cardstock to fit inside of the storage pockets. I used 110lb cardstock. Any preferred brand of heavy cardstock will work. I used The Paper Studio Extra Heavy Weight Cardstock Paper Pack from Hobby Lobby. I bought this pack when Hobby Lobby had 50% off all of The Paper Studio products to make this project even more cost-effective.

These are the dimensions I cut the cardstock pieces to:

Small Pocket: 5 x 4 15/16 inches

Large Pocket: 7 1/16 x 5 1/2 inches

Extra Large Pocket: 9 5/16 x 6 9/16 inches

You can find that cardstock Here.


After sliding all of my cut cardstock pieces into the designated pockets, I used my Brother P-Touch Label Maker to label each pocket with the stamp or die set brand and name. You can do this however you would like to label or organize your collection; it's a personal preference.

Here is a link to the label maker I use:


Lastly, I want to share my favorite part and a brilliant hack that I hope can help if you decide to organize your stamp and die collection.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my die cuts; they are small, easy to lose, and hard to see once they all slide down in the bottom of the storage pocket. I wanted to be able to flip through my die storage pockets and clearly be able to see exactly what was in the pocket. My first thought was to go on Amazon and find magnetic sheets to cut and put into the pockets, but, holy cow, were those expensive! Anywhere from $10 to almost $30 for just a little bit of magnetic sheet. While I was scrolling through the comments trying to see if anyone else was having the same dilemma, I ran across someones' comment saying to save your money and buy vent covers instead. I hopped over to Home Depot and found Frost King pack of three 8x15 inch vent covers for $5.75!

Here is the link:


This is the most incredible craft hack that I have ever heard of! I picked up one package and cut the magnetic sheet to whatever size I wanted for my dies. For coordinating die/s that went with stamp sets, I put them onto the magnetic sheet, cut to size, and then slid them in the backside of my storage pocket, so everything for that set was all together. For stand-alone dies, I created their own pockets, still putting cardstock in the pocket first and then sliding the magnetic sheet with the die cuts into them. The final result of the magnetic sheets exceeded my expectations. The dies do not fall off the sheets, and the ability to cut them however you want is just so easy!

After my collection was all put into their new pockets, I organized them into categories and found some clear acrylic containers at Home Goods. I ended up adding all of my stencils into storage pockets as well, using all of the same steps. This project took me about two days to complete, but it was so worth it! It is a game-changer being able to see your whole collection easily. I have gotten a spike in creativity from doing this project as well, maybe because it forced me to go through my entire collection again and think of some new awesome ideas!

I hope this will give you some ideas on how you can organize your own stamp and die collections! There are so many options out there for different organizations, but I hope mine proves that you don't have to put a lot of money into it and still get a great result! Maybe this is what you need to do to go through your collection at home and spark new ideas. Happy crafting (and organizing)!


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Jennifer McGuire Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2NmDdcF7MY&t=19s&ab_channel=JenniferMcGuireInk